[SOLVED] 665p vs 980 pro


Jan 6, 2014
Good afternoon,

I just want to do gaming and I want to be prepared for the future new next gen games and their loading times etc.

Will the 1tb intel 665p be just the same as the 1tb samsung 980 pro in terms of just gaming speeds real world?

Can not decide what to buy of the 2, I only have them as the choice. And I prefer to save money but not at the expense of gaming performance.

Kind regards

You have exactly the polar opposites of a choice in regards to price and performance.
They are not just the same.
On a budget, 665P is a decent choice.
The read capability is quite good.
Most of what we do is small random I/O and that performance will not differ much.
The write capability, not so much.

OTOH, the 980PRO is as good as it gets for performance.

When faced with such a choice, I have found it better to bite the price bullet and go for the better unit.
The price smarts for a while, but if you go for the cheaper unit, you will forever be second guessing yourself.
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