Vlad ProDAN

Oct 22, 2012
Hi guys,

So having build my own system about 2-3 weeks a ago, a friend of mine wants to get a new pc himself. I helped him out to sort out all the parts exect for the video card(s).
His new system specs are the following

CPU: 3570k
Mobo: asrock Z77 extreme4
Cooler: Hyper 212 evo
ram : 16gb corsair vengeance (1600mhz)
HDD : WD caviar black 1tb
SSD: samsung 830 (120gb for boot)
PSU: Corsair AX 850 Gold
Case: Haf X

now the reason i didnt jump right away into getting the graphic cards is because he asked me whether he should get 2 gtx 670's for sli or just get 1 680 and get himself a new keyboard mouse and a new pad ( his old ones are VERY bad) he set his heart on razer stuff (black widow ultimate 2013, naga 2012 and a goliathus extended).
So the choice would be either to get 1 asus DCU2 TOP gtx 680 and all the other goddies and maybe sli that thing somewhere late next year or just get 2 670's. My question to you guys is, Is the performance diferrence really that HUGE between 2 670's and 1 680 so that he would notice it SEVERLY while gaming and if its really worth sacrificeing his equipment just for the extra frames per second (hes gaming at 1080p). I know the asus dcu2 top overclocks like a beast and its a pretty good card, but hell i've made bad decisions before so i figured i'd ask you guys to see what you think about this



Sep 5, 2012
neither! just get a single 670. There is a very small diff in performance between a 670 and 680 and the price gap does not justify it. You won't be needing 2x 670 if your playing at 1080p. A 670 can max out all the games out there and will continue to do so.

Also I would like to mention that a 7970 is a better buy at this point at a GHz edition 7970 outperforms a GTX 680 too.

so get a 7970 or a 670 with the razer goodness