Question 6700k upgrade to 3600?

Apr 7, 2019
has anyone made this upgrade? been looking at some videos of benchmarks and games and it looks like there is around a 7-10 fps bump with the 3600. im very interested in upgrading to a third gen ryzen cpu i know that the 3600 will do me good for streaming what do you guys think would it be a worthy upgrade? all i would need is a mobo and the cpu. i have a cooler master aio. would that be sufficiant for the 3600? my 6700k still does fine but i want to stream better. i have a 144hz monitor and i still get high fps with my 1070.

or would i be better off just upgrading my 1070 to a 2060 or 2070?
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3600 is much better than 6700 but FPS is dependent on too many things to be of main concern, which game, resolution, GPU., that's all that makes difference so much that putting a number on average doesn't make no sense.
Do you realize that you would also have to change MB and RAM at least ?
From 1070 to a 2060 is hardly an upgrade and 2070 very little.