Question 6700xt Black Screen Issue

Dec 1, 2021
Before I got my 6700xt I was rocking with intel hd graphics with no problems. As soon I got my 6700xt I have started experiencing problems where when I am early in a game session the screen will go black and I have to manually restart my computer by flipping the power off and on again. After that my pc wouldn’t black screen for the rest of the play session but when I get on to play the next day the same thing always happens and I am very confused on why? Also I do mine on my card when I am not playing so recoup some of the cost as I don't want to sell my kidney to pay my debt. I have tried reinstalling windows, reinstalling drivers, setting pcei from auto to gen 3, getting a new power supply, updating motherboard bios and reinstalling the card but nothing really solves my problems. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
Cpu: 9700k
Motherboard: Asus prime z390-a
Ram: Corsair vengeance pro 3200mhz 16gb
PSU: Msi mpg 750 watt


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Mining tends to add stress to the card, more than what you'd be stressing it when rendering or when gaming. In fact it's said across mining communities to make sure your fan speeds for the GPU's are set manually to high so as to prevent the GPU from burning out.

On another note, that MSI PSU is something that I'd not work with, similar to Gigabyte and Thermaltake units. On the note of Windows reinstallation, what version(not edition) of Windows 10(assuming you're on Windows 10) are you on?