6790m + 6620g AC3 drivers?


May 6, 2010
So i just recently started playing AC3 with my dv6t quad core edition laptop and it has noticeably low fps and it's very annoying. I'm thinking this is more of a driver issue as i more then meet the requirements, 6790m +6620g GPU, a8-3520m CPU, 6 GB RAM. I am running AMD catalyst 12.1 beta drivers i think, i downloaded them when i first got my laptop back in march or april i think.

So my question is, what drivers can i use so that i dont have to deal with 10 fps in AC3? :( Or is it just because of my lower end GPU? Oh i should mention im playing at all lowest graphics settings with 720p.
Updated drivers may help a bit, but don't expect great framerates. Assassin's Creed 3 is a pretty shoddy port. It is extremely CPU heavy when you get into crowded areas like Boston. Part of the problem is the game isn't threaded properly and puts a disproportionate load on one core. It also looks like that they offloaded the smoke effects onto the CPU, which is causing some performance issues if you don't have the latest and greatest Intel CPU.

Generally speaking, most of the people getting good performance out of the game are those with overclocked Intel CPUs. Many AMD CPUs, and laptop CPUs in particular are going to struggle with it, mostly due to low clockspeeds. You may have to wait and hope Ubisoft can be bothered to actually fix their game, though I doubt they will.