6800 GT 116 Degrees Stress


Aug 2, 2009

I've recently had problems with my leadtek A400 gt [6800 GT] and cleared the fans of dust as well as added a side fan. I've ran rivatuner to see the heat and ran Video Card Stability Test to max it out.

At stock the GPU temp is 57 degrees, ambient 37. At stress however, the GPU hits 116 degrees and 82 degrees ambient. Is this normal? It seems extremely high for me?

I would appreciate your feedback on this.

img - http://images.ukcs.net/10003/hot.JPG
80-90ºC is average
115ºC is threshhold
127ºC burnout

Some cards report 100ºC as threshold in Rivatuner, such as 8800GT.

Reapply thermal paste.
Regulate the fan with Rivatuner.

Sorry can't see your picture here at work.