6800: Invest in new PSU?


Jun 5, 2003
Ok, I've got a radeon 8500LE right now, and it's well past time to upgrade. So, the big question that everyone's asking is NV40 or r420? I really can't afford to shell out $300+ every time a new card comes out so I want to get the best milestone. I've got my eyes on the NV40 non-ultra right now. I'm sure my opinion will change somewhat over the next couple months, but the pixel shader 3.0 support is kinda winning me over. I don't want to get the ATI X800pro and have to upgrade next year because everything is PS 3.0. I don't mean to detract from any of the "official threads" but I just want to know what would be a good power supply to invest in should I choose to get the NV40. I've got a Raidmax 350W right now, with 3 fans, 2 optical drives, and 1 HD. I won't have the two dedicated rails that the card requires with my current one, and I keep hearing everyone say "go with the Antec truepower 480W" but $80 for that thing (on newegg) is a little more than I want to spend. The Thermaltake 480W Xaser edition is about $15-$20 less, but I don't know how well they compare. Who's got ideas here?


Feb 2, 2003
PSUs are expensive but you get what you pay for - and considering that it powers your whole system it is not worth scrimping on this component I don't think.

I would always recommend the highest rated Enermax - they have speed controlled fans for best sound / performance and you always get a good supply of cables coming from the PSU. If you spend the bucks now then you will have to spend less in the future and it will last you for longer - and for an extra $20 - $30 that is a no brainer.

4.77MHz to 4.0GHz in 10 years. Imagine the space year 2020 :)


May 29, 2003
Check out the FSP units from Fortron (or Sparkle, depending on where you live). You can get a great quality 400 or 450 Watter for much cheaper than a comparable Antec.


May 21, 2004
I have used Thermaltake before and not had probs. The reviews I have read of this supply have been positive. I would say if you like it, buy it.