6800gt (pci-e) odd behavor

I bought a 6800gt (evga) off ebay for kicks for $15 to use its back plate and mounting screws in a mod for another card. Well I popped it in to test it out and after loading gpu-z along with riva tuner noticed that the vram was running twice the default. :eek: Better still it ran wow with out issue and no driver crash with forceware 191.7 vista x64. So has any one else noticed a change in their defualt clocks on these older nvidia cards? PS tried to validate but didn't get a #. :(

Nope I am getting actual but any more = crash. Not bad for such an vintage card except the core won't go much above 400mhz. Bios dated 1.25.2005 Glade that I cleaned up the card before use.