6800K & Deluxe X99 II, Asus Bios Overclock


Jun 21, 2014
Hello guys, I need your help, yesterday I built my second pc
6800K, ASUS DELUXE X99 II, 32gb 2133 corsair vengeance lpx, corsair h100i v2 cooling,etc
I have already put all the drivers and I just played with EZ tuning in BIOS, tbh I just wanted to enable virtualization in BIOS, but I saw in the menu I could choose EZ tuning mode, it was on a Normal, but I selected ASUS performance, just for a test, and I didn't even know that it will overclock my CPU, because it didn't want to overclock, but when my pc restarted I noticed in asus AI Suite and in my task manager that my CPU runs not at stock 3.4, but at 3.8 ghz, multiplier was set to 38 and asus tuning set it also to 1.218 voltage, the question is, do I have to leave it as it is? Because this PC will work 24/7 under 70% load, but on the other hand I have a nice cooling, and yeah, there is a weird thing with CPU temps, Asus AI Suite 3 shows that I cpu is on 33 C, but at the same time Corsair Link shows that my cpu is on 29-30 C (idle averages in corsair link is 30 C) and average temp in Asus AI Suite is 33 C. Should I leave this overclock and asus feature overclocked it normally or voltage is high for that low overclock (3.4 -> 3.8) ? Should I may be go to BIOS and set it back to Normal Performance Mode?
Also in Asus AI Suite in TPU window it shows cpu freq is 100.0 x 40.0 , but in CPU frequency at the bottom it shows 100.0 x 38, can't understand that
you can go back to normal or leave it as is.
if your cooling can keep the CPU below 70C after 30mins of continuous load, there is no harm in overclocking.
the 1.2xxx voltage is kinda safe. "dangerous" voltages are 1.35-1.4 and above - that's where you'd be better understand what you doing.

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