Jul 28, 2021
Hello guys I'm new here but I hope you can help me ..
I have an strange problem ..
I switched from 2060super to xfx merc 6800xt
With ryzen 5 3600xt . Before that I had no problem with 2060 super but with this new card in some games (such as horizon zero dawn or marvel avengers ) my gpu usage fluctuates like crazy! In dense area of horizon zero dawn it drops suddenly from 99% to 20% then go up to 99% then 20 seconds later down to 20 or 30 or sometimes 0% then go up again!!
It's a strange behavior because in some other games such as re:village , gta 5 , hitman 3 , shadow of tomb raider and some other games that I tested it was totally OK and gpu usages never drops . I tried everything . Even last night I changed my cpu and bought a 5600x because I thought maybe in those games cpu is bottleneck but the problem in those game got worse with 5600x!! Can any of you guys tell me what's the problem?
My pc spec :
Main board: asus prime x 570p
Cpu : before 3600xt and now 5600x
Graphic : xfx merc 6800xt
Psu : 750w (80 plus gold )
Ram : g skill trident z 2×8 3200

Edit : after 3 mounth finally I realised whats the main problem! The problem was my hard disk! For examples in horizon zero dawn benchmark I had many gpu usage drops and very bad stutters and at the end of benchmark my min fps was always below 8fps!! Now that I copied the game into my ssd.. the whole stutter problem solved and no gpu usage drop anymore ..
And at the end of the benchmark the min fps is 60!!
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