6870/6950. Is 2gb needed?


Jul 27, 2011
I have been doing research for a future build and i haven't been able to find the answer.

If i'll be using this build for gaming easily 4-5 years, it i got a 1gb model graphics card, would it be a hindrance in the future?

Gaming at 1920x1080

I am aware that ill be lowing settings to keep up with the games, but i am concerned that they will become hardly playable if my memory isn't sufficient.
You should never expect a video card to last that long.
5 years ago the 8800 GTX launched for $600. Two and a half years later a card with basically the same performance, the HD4770, launched and it was a $100 card. Whatever you buy right now you'll be able to get something significantly faster for much less within 2-3 years.