Question 6900 XT vs RTX 3080 For gaming and streaming?

Feb 1, 2021

My processor in my system is Ryzen 9 5900X, RAM is 2x16 32 GB 3600 MHz. Since the 6900 XT is on sale in the country I live in (1550 euro), I immediately sold my current 2060S graphics card in order not to miss the opportunity. However, when I wanted to do some research, I came across "rumors" that the RTX 3080 were better performing than the 6900 XT and I was confused.

I'm playing and I'm going to stream. RTX 3080 is recommended for this. In terms of RTX and DLSS, of course, the RTX 3080 will be better. However, RTX is not a very important factor for me, I know that the 6900 XT has RTX, even if it is a beginner level. The card I want to buy is the MSI RX 6900 XT Gaming Z Trio. The closest RTX 3080 to the price of this graphics card starts from 1850 euros. So there is a 300 euro difference. Does this difference matter to me, yes it does. If there will be no difference, of course, I would not want to pay 300 euros more.

I'm asking people who are objective, knowledgeable, and know how to work in life and have worked hard to make money: Is the 6900 XT insufficient for gaming and live streaming, or should I choose the RTX 3080 instead of the 6900 XT?

AMD GPUs are called "problem driver". Is this correct, will it constantly interfere with my computer use?
Aug 18, 2021
You will come across a lot of support in favour of Nvidia cards due to NVenc codec for streaming and I have yet to see a streamer using AMD cards. For gaming sure AMDs are up there, but for streaming in a single PC setup, NVenc is still the preferred option due to streaming being an investment and you just want to get on with it without worrying about the hardware. The x264 coded on the cpu looks better for sure, but the NVenc codec has kinda become a standard in recent years due to Nvidia explicitly supporting streaming via a dedicated chip so it doesn't tax your gaming while comfortably streaming.

However, some people have slowly begun to test AMD. I'm not sure how good or bad it, it is probably in its infancy with regards to OBS as one comment says there, and Nvidia works with OBS closely. But AMD also have their very own streaming package but OBS is the go-to thing for streaming as it is.


This is also a predicament to me as I stream on and off for fun (not affiliate/partner). I used to do it on a 10year old intel i7 2600 + 970GTX at 720p/60fps with 4.5k bits upload using NVenc because that cpu was in no shape to do x264 of course. Considering what I had the NVenc was pretty good to have as I was able to learn things and I sure would not have done any of that on the x264. Now I upgraded everything to a 5900x except the 970 due to obvious reasons and I stream on x264 using the 5900x @ 1080p/60fps with 8k upload rate.

Here's a sample Halo Infinite stream with low settings on the 970 with min/max capped to 60fps:

I will also have to make a decision in the coming months between the two cards. One thing I can say for sure as of now, in lack of data regarding the AMD codec experience, NVenc is nice to have to fall back on or switch forth between cpu and gpu as needed, it may also be possible with AMD but like I said it's hard to say with no experience in it. I can't really comment on the money as 300Eu is still a lot.