6950 which to choose!?


Oct 2, 2011
hi guys,

after some thinking i figured i am going for a new card and not wait for 7000 series, cause if i am reading right no really improvement, bad delivery and production, and the price will be sky high so. i am thinking of getting a card now instead and maybe cf it or get a new one in a year or so! (If you think i should pick a 560 ti try to confince, bf3 shows this cards owns)

but now to the real question which to buy,

i saw some pretty nice cards around same price:

sapphire dirt edition 6950 its a 2gb card, not oc'd, twin fan good results, and dual bios: € 233,05
GV-R695OC-1GD, its 1 gb, oc'd 870mhz, triple fan: € 226,66
XFX Radeon HD 6950 XXX, 2gb, small oc 830 mem 5.2ghz, dual fan € 243,68
most brands have for €220, 1gb, not oc'd, stock, single and sometimes dual fan

but what to pick a normal cheaper one not oc'd and 1gb, a 2 gb version not oc'd or a 1 gb version oc'd

maybe going to unlock or oc, (never really tried a gpu) so need good mentor, than i can consider it!
if you say its easy i maybe do it! if thats the case i think a 2 gb version would be best choice, (even if i aint oc'ing ?)

cant be wrong tho some extra gb

i run a
amd x4 phenom 955 3.8 ghz oc'd
amd 870 extrene
500w corsair
4 gb kingston
atm sapphire 5770
thermaltake overseer rx-1
23", 1920 x 1080

budget: €200-250

any other suggestions are welcome 2!!!!

thanks all ready!
Planning use more than 1 monitor in the future? Bigger VRAM will help you a lot if you're planning to run more than 1 monitor (eyefinity perhaps).
Dual BIOS is more "safe", you can do flashing or something to that card and you still have a backup BIOS.
For OC, personally I will take a normal (non-OCed) version, because I can OC it by myself. :)


Oct 2, 2011

yeah was thinking of getting another 23"screen, the dual bios is great to try bios settings!.
i dont know how difficult oc's are but can try ^^, i heard the sapphire had trixx.

leaning towards the sapphire dirt edition, but xfx gives good warrenty right ?


Sep 11, 2011
With the 2gb cards being not alot more than the 1gb ones its smart to go 2gb. While there are many different brands of the 6950 my advice would be to do some research. copy and paste a cards name you like the look of i.e. "sapphire 6950 2gb dirt 3 edition" into google and write review on the end your bound to find some results.

Overall there wont be much of a change between many of the 6950s except for the fan plates on them and the speed they come clocked at in the box. I did a fair amount of research and am waiting on a sapphire 6950 2gb to arrive with my new computer parts as to me it was the right price and many reviews said it was a good choice.

Many of people will have good and bad experiences with different brands just do your research and you should be right with the price the 6950s are at right now you cant really go wrong