Question 6950xt glitch


Jul 28, 2020
so around the end of decemeber when setting up my new pc i was using amd adrenaline 22.11 i think and my computer screen starts screen tearing and it often staarts when using windows 11 or 10 it restarts like twice and makes me sign in shutting it down for 5-10 mins seems to temporary fix it but 2 days later same problem same fixed flash forward about two weeks into january no screen tearing but i caught the amd wattmen error notification amd settings reset now i am running the 6950xt msi gaming trio X ryzen 7700x with a thermaltake cooler a aircooled case with 5 fans one outake fan i have a Evga 1000watt power supply no games seem to crash but the gpu can get up to 87c gaming but doesnt stay there for long usually around 83c when running 4k intensive games i am wondering if it narrows down to the gpu power supply or drivers because i swapped out the card still getting same game temps but this thursday and friday at around almost same times the crashing and screen tearing came back i went back to windows 10 same problem but it takes a whilei am frusterated does anyone have a clue i dont wanna keep stripping and swapping parts and on a last note with the new gpu i was using it green screened while using windows 10 and screen tearing anyways sorry for rambling just anyone else have a problem like this help please?
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