6Gb/s hdd for ASUS m/board


Feb 13, 2012
Lads, I have a brand spanking new P8P67-M Pro which boasts on the box (and on the board itself) that it supports 6Gig sata, but Ive no clue (and cant really find) a drive to plug into this baby to take advantage.
I'd like to squeeze all I can out of this board so any further tips also appreciated.
Ive had a look and cant find a hdd or any other device to plug into this awesome-sounding sata port. Cheers all.
There are no 6 GB/sec hdds. Period.

Most HDDs come with a 6 Gb/sec controller, because these are what is manufactured now. But no HDD has been built that can saturate the 3 Gb/sec link of SATA II. Your machine will run normally with any decent hard drive, even if said drive has an older 3 Gb/sec SATA controller.

Or you can accumulate a glob of cash and buy a solid-state drive. These have much faster sustained transfer rates than HDDs, even in random-access patterns, and high-end ones can actually go over the 3 Gb/sec limit fairly consistently.