6TB+ HDD Recommendations for my purposes?


Nov 18, 2010
My two older WD Black 1TB storage drives are finally about full, so I'd like to upgrade one of them to a 6+ TB HDD.

Primary use is photo/video storage, photo editing, and audio storage but I'd also like to keep some games installed on it. If possible, I wouldn't mind being able to record audio directly to it, also, though I can record to my SSD and then transfer after the fact; it's just an extra step.

Will this be an issue for more modern games or audio recording? Which would you recommend for these purposes if it will work well? My primary drive is an SSD but storage isn't big enough to keep all of them installed all the time.

Budget is under $200. Thanks for your advice.

PS - I have constant offsite backup, so while I'd prefer it doesn't die quickly, I'm not super concerned about losing anything if a drive were to fail.
As far as our offerings go, you don't need to go into the more specialized NAS or surveillance drives, a standard desktop use-case drive should suit your needs:

BarraCuda is our main desktop drive, 2 year warranty, rated for 8 hours a day x 5 days a week use, up to 55TB of data per year. If you want longer warranty, more robust ratings, and 2 free years of rescue services, you could bump up to the BarraCuda Pro.

If you're looking for a touch more performance, you could also consider a 3.5" FireCuda, which also has an SSD cache on which the drive places your most frequently accessed data. The drive comes with a 5 year warranty.