6TB HDD showing as only 1.46TB capacity


Mar 4, 2010
I have 8 6TB HDD (WDC WD60PURX) that were part of a NAS which used Btrfs. The NAS has been retired and the HDD's wiped and repurposed.

One of these 6TB HDD is registering a 1.46 TB capacity. All the others still show as 6TB capacity. I first noticed when HD Sentinal warned me that one of the WD60PURX HDD was reporting the wrong capacity. I have attached it via eSATA and USB 3.0 to two different systems. One system uses Windows 7, the other uses CAINE. The BIOS in both systems sees the HDD as a 6TB capacity HDD. But within the OS's, it registers as 1.46TB capacity. Gparted, Disks, Disk Management, DMDE, EaseUS Partition Master, and HD Sentinal all see a WD60PURX HDD but only a capacity of 1.46TB. Also, the SATA mode in BIOS is AHCI.
The only time I received any indication that more than 1.46TB was seen was when I used "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/media/test.img status=progress conv=sync,noerror" A 6TB img file was created.
Any help as to why this one HDD is displaying the incorrect capacity?

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