Question 7 year old i5-4670k OC


Aug 19, 2015
I've had this CPU for 7 years and always using the stock cooler without any overclock. I checked my CPU temps in witcher 3 and they were at 80-95 degrees. That prompted me to buy a dark rock 4 pro cooler and now they are at 50 degrees without overclock. I tried overclocking my CPU using only AIDA64 with only CPU checked in AIDA64 settings. First i put my bios to defaults, then put my ram to its tested guaranteed frequency and voltage. These were my results:

Could boot into windows with 4.1 Ghz @ 1.20V, stopped at 4.2Ghz
Started at 4.2 Ghz @ 1.25V which ran for 30 minutes in AIDA64
4.3 Ghz ran 30-45 minutes in AIDA64 across these voltages 1.31-1.34. Seemed stable enough so i started gaming but i got random BSOD's while gaming and using the computer after a few hours at very random times. So i guess my system is not stable at 4.3 Ghz. My temps were very low tho in AIDA64, never exceeding 75 degrees even at 4.4Ghz@1.39v.

Then i tried prime95 for 30 minutes without OC and it worked fine. Then i tried across different runs 4.1Ghz @ 1.25-1.30v and none of these voltages works so far without BSOD, but my temps never exceed 78 degrees. I will keep trying to get a stable overclock but im just wondering if something is wrong here. It seems this benchmark is much more demanding than AIDA64 and my CPU seems a bit degraded almost, maybe because its old and ran at 90 degrees for 7 years? Is it even worth OC'ing at this point?
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