Question 70% of ram being taken up for no reason. Anyone know what to do?


Jul 5, 2019
So my pc has been fine, but the past 2 days has been sluggish. So i check my task manager, and I see that my ram is almost full. I closed all my programs and it only drops to 70%. When i start it up, within 10 minutes my ram is high. I have looked through task manager and everything looks fine, so im guessing there is some invisible program. Does anyone have a solution for this?
In a case like this I would likely (first) take a look at how many sticks of the RAM the system is actually seeing.
After that, and assuming the system is seeing all of it, I would probably try to boot safe mode to see if it will see all the RAM there. You should see very low usage there.
After that and once again assuming that all went well, I would probably attempt to close every process the PC will allow to see if you observe a drop in usage.

By and large I think Win 10 with an "average" number of startup programs going should be using 3-4GB of RAM after it loads in. Not unusual to see more right at startup due to various scans and such.

My thoughts lie in either a nefarious program or a failed stick of RAM. Hopefully not a PCI lane issue with the CPU or Mobo.
You are using 11GB of ram without any applications running? Check the Process tab of task manager, order by most Memory used. There must be some stuff there with fairly large numbers in the memory column. Post a screenshot maybe.