$750 off a Dell Notebook


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HOT HOT HOT! DellHome - $750 off a $1500+ Inspiron Notebook Purchase. Inspiron 9100 from $799, Inspiron 8600 from $750!
Folks, DO NOT MISS OUT! There has NEVER been a coupon this good, and there`s a good chance it`ll be pulled before the set expiration time/date. If you`ve been waiting to buy a high end laptop for very little money, you`re in luck. We have a HUGE $750 off a $1500+ Inspiron laptop purchase coupon, good for 24 hours from today, 10/19/04 at 6am CST to tomorrow, 10/20/04 5:59 CST. Something this crazy may never come back, so don`t miss it. Tell a friend, coworker, relative, anyone who will listen! Heck, I, there are loads of our viewers who are avid ebayers who plan to buy and resell for a profit. The coupon code is: ZD5$P0NS954P16. BTW, be sure to check out the laptops below that we suggest (all prices shown are after coupon and shipping rebate, and must have a minimum purchase price of $1500 before coupon. All have 10/100 NIC, 56k modem, Windows XP Home, and 1 year warranty).

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Aug 2, 2002
Too good to be true!

I'll stick to my Latitude C840!

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