7600gt vs fx5200 vs 9600gt


Jul 28, 2009
7600gt crunches the fx5200 with its pinky and the fx5200 crunches nothing with its whole body on steroids. the 9600gt crunches the fx by just looking at it. the 7600gt got pounded with the 9600gt sleepwalking
i owned an fx and it really sucked. could'nt even play Battlefield 2 or mohpa
then 7600gt comes along and plays b2 and mohpa max at like 80fps to 120 at 1600 by 1200 with aa and af max
then even better 9600gt comes along and smokes the 7600gt with its eye lid by playing it at 180fps on max
cod 4

7600gt 30fps max
fx5200 0fps nothing
9600gt 65fps max

crysis medium
7600gt 25fps
9600gt 50fps
fx5200 ok ill stop now

crysis high
7600gt 12.5 fps AA off
9600gt 35fps AA 2X

as you can see it goes

9600gt 100%
7600gt 35% (a.k.a 8600gt)
fx5200 0.1%
so you could have a thousand fx5200s and still loose
so there you go
hope you liked it
Wow, a midrange card two generations newer than another midrange card is faster.
On top of that, the old midrange card is faster than a two generation older low end card.
Never would have guessed.