760gm-e51 fx msi, please help


May 21, 2012
need some serious help :(

i just bought this mobo hooked up everything exactly where everything goes but when i turn it on all i get is 4 short beeps right away and if i leave it on 2 long beeps afterwards and then it repeats the 4 short and 2 long again

current build

760GM-E51 FX MSI motherboard
AM3+ FX 4100 3.6 GHZ 4 core 8 mb cpu
2X 4gb DDR3 1333
Sounds like you have the common problem tons of other FX users have.

Either your motherboard needs a BIOS update to be compatible with the FX processor you have, or it just isn't ever going to be compatible.

On the newegg listing for that board it doesn't have AM3+ written anywhere on it, only AM3. Also in the supported processors list it doesn't say FX anywhere.

However, I did see FX listed elsewhere on the internet so I am going to assume that with a BIOS update it can work.

That still leaves you with the problem that you need to update the BIOS on it.

You can't do that without a processor and the FX can't run a BIOS update till the BIOS update is already done the first time.

That pretty much means you need to get access to a second AMD chip from somewhere. Something compatible with AM3, like an Athalon or Phenom x2 or some but probably not all Semprons.