[SOLVED] 7700t to 7700k

Depends on cost of the upgrade.
Essentially both cpus are the same. Main difference being 18% higher turbo boost for k model.
This means - in cpu limited workload scenarios you'd get ~18% more performance.

For example in cpu limited game with this upgrade you'd get 118 FPS instead of 100 FPS.
the 7700K still sells for $341 on Amazon...

A good processor (mine runs fine at 4.7 GHz), but, at that price, you could get an R5-3600 and a new mainboard...

So unless you can get one verified to work at $150 or less (doubtful), I'd rethink trying so hard to get one....and accept needing a new mainboard with your next upgrade...
Jul 20, 2019
Would it really be a huge improvement?? Or should I stick with it and get a better graphics card? Also my mothwrboard is a lubin motherboard and the stock cpu cooler