771 to 775 mod? will it help?


Apr 24, 2013
Good day!
I was looking for upgrading my PC a bit without actually spending a lot of money.

Long story short:
I have an old Asustek P5L-MX motherboard.
The FSB is 1066 and it uses LGA775 socket for the CPU.
The best CPU it can carry according to the motherboard page is a Core 2 Extreme x6800.
When looking online for this processor I noticed that it is no longer for sale anywhere except from China through Ebay, which I rather would not want to do because of the hideous waiting times.

So then I stumbled upon an article that says you can actually use Xeon CPU's designed for 771 sockets, on your 775 socket mobo!

There's a tutorial online on how to do it and it doesn't look too hard, I just had a few questions for people who know something about this:

1. A lot of the Xeon processors are 1333mhz and my mobo supports maximum 1066mhz FSB.
Will the CPU still work? Or do I have to combine another mod that tricks your mobo into allowing 1333mhz?

2. Before performing this 771 to 775 mod, do I need to change any bios settings or perform a bios update?

3. Which Xeon CPU would you reccommend me? My current CPU is an intel Core 2 Duo e6600 2.40ghz slightly overclocked. Anything better than this and not super expensive + able to fit in my PC will do.

Asustek P5L-MX motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40ghz CPU
2 x 2GB DDR2 667mhz ram
AMD Radeon HD6670 1GB GPU

I know some things about computers but I'm not a pro at all!
So any tips / pushes in the right direction with this mod are welcome!


May 23, 2016
The best xeon you motherboard will support is a xeon 5160. It's a dual core and not really worth the hassle. This is something I would do as a side project but never in my actual main PC.
Your mobo doesn't support any core 2 quad cpus, so 4 core 771 xeons are unlikely to work either, so that leaves little upgrades available. Some 771 to 775 mods require professionally modded bios files to function in 775 mobos not designed for them.