7770 or 7850 for 1366x728 reso?


Nov 23, 2012
After months of researching, I'm now finalizing my upgrade. I plan to go on 7850 but i think i can max out games with 7770 at 1366x728. Please correct me if i'm wrong with this.

And also, i plan on getting an i5 3450 at $200 but an i5 3470 is also available at $205 (This are the only available at my place). Which do you think should i get? I don't plan on ocing the processor anyway.

And last, What z77 board can i get with $120? My option was the Asrock extreme 4. I don't want any unnecessay features, but i do plan a slight ocing

TY in advance, im such a newbie here =D


I would shoot for a 7850, you'll only need a 1Gb card so it'll run around $180. If you don't want to OC your CPU I would just spend the extra $5. ASRock boards are fine, I've never had any but my friend has the 970 extreme 4 and it's been fine for him the year or so he's had it.