Question 7800x3d Stress test?

Aug 13, 2023

is there a way to Stress test my 7800x3d cpu? i wanna see how bad the temps are on it . since on idle it is between 39 to 50 , and spikes to 65 or so sometimes (i can only tell by having HWINFO64 in background )

I ran Cinebench24 30 mins and it scored 1095 which i have no idea what that implies , it never went above 81c either , which i dunno if good or bad .

thank you
Temperature spikes on Ryzen are normal. There's always something to do in the background and 1-2 cores can handle it, causing them to turbo boost hard, which causes those cores to heat up dramatically. Unless the entire package is heating up to that much, there's no problem here.

Cinebench 2024 is fairly recent so there's not enough data from other people yet to determine if what you're seeing is normal or not. Use Cinebench R23. And as long as the temperature is below 100C, it's fine (although the CPU was designed to hit and stay near it so...)

If you want something harder to run on the CPU, you can run Prime95. People usually recommend an overnight test (so 8-12 hours) and as long as there's no errors or crashes, it's fine.