Question 7800xt crash problems

Sep 21, 2023
I bought the 7800xt on release day and it's been working great with no issues. The other day I tried to run COD and in the middle of the game I got a buffering/loading circle on a black screen and the display turned of while the PC was still running. I turned it back on and the display drivers weren't recognised. I uninstalled/reinstalled and tried to load COD again. I joined a friends party and the same thing happened after crashing twice. I was playing another game (Total War in ultra) moments before and everything was fine, it's also been fine with everything I've run up to this moment.

Today I reinstalled Windows as it wasn't lettin me boot in safe mode the ran DDU, installed drivers and it happened again, it kept crashing COD but managed to run Witcher 3 on Ultra for an hour or two before the crash. Only once has the display failed today.

I have a 700w 80+ gold psu. I know the recommendation is min. 750w but was told 700w would be fine. Could the PSU be causing the display issues and game crashes? Or could it be a GPU defect? Thanks
Sep 10, 2023
I really don't know much about Radeon's lineup, and just as you said the 7800xt has been failing a lot this year.
I've seen so many threads regarding this exact Gcard about failing.


Aug 27, 2016
If you use 23.9.2 driver, it causes stuttering and temporary screen freeze.. download amd clean utility to completely delete all files for gpu, then download driver from 31.08, i had same problem with 6800XT and now its fixed