7850 not trying in gta 4


Jul 14, 2011
So here is a basic rundown of my specs
8120 at 4.4ghz
7850 @stock oc and 1010mhz with 1450mhz memory oc
8gb 1866mhz ram

I want to play gta 4 maxed out but for some reason I I don't always get a good frame rate (50ish at airport and thats the highest, 22 sometimes when driving around in cities) I highly doubt it is a cpu bottleneck because at 2.9ghz (what i can underlock to in windows via catalyst control center) and 4.4ghz I notice maybe 1-2 fps difference.

I saw a thread that was discussing it and it seemed like drivers, but it is very old now and I didn't notice a solution, I am running the latest non beta drivers from amd and i get at most 70% gpu usage and it dips down to 30-40% when at super low fps areas.

If anyone knows a fix I would greatly appreciate it (i also have a similar issue in saints row 3, but not as bad as much of the time)

I forgot to mention that I am running windows 8(so i get BETTER frame rate than 7, and yes i tested it with my old gpu and i got sometimes 20 fps better)
There is no fix, its just a terrible port. It also doesn't help that the game doesn't utilize multiple cores terribly well, and since you'r on an 8 core its not ideal. The game just doesn't scale at all, I had a 7850, and framerates were better than the 670 I'm on now.


Nov 5, 2012

even people with a gtx 680 had problems in gta 4

its just the worst CONSOLE TO PC port ever

bud i heart that the newest patches in gta 4 can give you more frames

or just play just cause 2 its twice the fun