7850 to replace my old 4870?

Don Julio Anejo

Dec 24, 2012
So there's an XFX HD 7850 on sale for $150 after rebate. The downside? It's 1 GB memory.

I upgraded my PC recently from E8400 to i7-3770 for reasons (non-gaming), although I kept my 1 GB Asus HD 4870 cause didn't have the money, and didn't really need to change it that much.

Now, I don't play games very much anymore, mostly due to lack of time. I also want whatever card I buy to last me a few years (2-3), and I'm not super picky about highest possible settings. I was originally considering a GTX 660 (it helps that it can run Hackintosh without problems, which is a pain with AMD), but couldn't justify the cost.

What worries me about the 7850 is 1 GB of video RAM, which seems like it may be a significant bottleneck a year or so down the road, and the fact that I may have problems running Hackintosh (mostly I virtualize everything I need, but it helps having an actual OS to dual boot). On the other hand, as soon as I free up my video card, I can just take my old components, stick them in a case and get myself a cheap HTPC.

So, should I jump and get this, or wait for a few months and hope GTX 660 is going to drop to a similar price?