Jan 22, 2012
My Phenom does not bottleneck my 7850 in anyway. It's still a heck of a great performer for gaming, to be fair.

Phenom's shouldn't be paired anything past the 7800 series(ATI)/600 series(NV) GPUs. Otherwise, you could experience a bottleneck.

AM3 is a dead socket though, true.
The only game you are likely to hit a CPU bottleneck in is Assassin's Creed 3, and that is due to the fact that game is ridiculously CPU heavy right now.

Just about all other games lean heavily on the graphics card, and your Phenom II will still keep up with a 7870.
there will be a few games where it will bottleneck it, like crysis 2 and skyrim and probably a few more cpu intensive titles, although they should still play fairly well the fps may drop low in parts of the game. you wont gain much by going to an FX cpu, they aren't any better for gaming, some of the lower end ones are far worse. I would go with increasing the overclock, should be able to get to 3.5ghz with good cooling. If you plan to upgrade the cpu and everything later then get it. If you dont plan to upgrade cpu, then maybe just go for 7850.