7900gtx duo (first gx2) help :(

Normally I wouldn't ask but I am stumped this time I need help. The problem is that I get the triple beep from the mainboard and no display. The unit powers up and both fan light up but don't spin for a few seconds before the beep then rev to max while windows boots( I herd the windows chimes) WTF!. I later taken the card a part and checked the SLI connector along with the PCI-e switch connector and all is normal. One odd note though the was a couple of spots of seamed like oil but caked in dust on the back side of the top card on the resistors of one of the ram chips. Same for the lower card then I checked the cooler it was loaded with the residue and it turns out that it all came from the thermal pads! So does any one know what I can do to get it working (first hand experience is preferred from those who had the same card or the 7950gx2 since they have the same gpu and switch.



Any response is appreciated.
OK I just tried a burn in test well it is not piping hot nor stone cold so the only thing that could be the problem is the mem on both boards since the pads leached out a sticky residue but either than that the only thing I can assume now is the mainboard. Note I also tried to boot it in a another rig that has my xfx 780i with a antec ea650. :fou:
OK I just gave my ati x1900xt as a primary card a try while having it in a lower slot well the rig failed and odd still the ati card did not light up the red leds while the fan remained at max. So I think that it might be ok but I won't be able to use all thanks to it's pci-e switch. Board used xfx 780i ish9 and a asus p5nsli 2.0 (nforce4) and the power supplies are antec ea650 and a antec neopower550. Don't worry about the ati card I am using it to make this post.