7950 No Output On Boot


Nov 17, 2012
Hey guys, I'm fairly tech savvy, especially when it comes to display adapters. My problem is when i boot my pc, sometimes i just don't get any output from my MSI HD 7950. To start off there is no serious overclock on the card (its at 920/1270) but heat is not a problem. I've been watching my temps and I do not get above 68 Degrees Celsius under load. This is the only problem I have with the card, I get no artifacts, no random crashes etc. I can't seem to figure out why i just can't get a post out of this sometimes. It has happened twice in 4 days, the first time it happened, i needed to reseat the card to get any post out of it. However today, I just rebooted my pc when i didn't get a post from my card, and the card booted up again without a hitch. The fans spin up and everything so I'm not entirely sure what my problem is (my only guess could be a problem with a card? I don't think the motherboard could be at fault because it worked fine with my HD 5770) Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks in advance!