7950 vs gtx 480



don't look at tiers, look at benchmarks:

but recon-uk sees this and tells you how well the 480 overclocks . . :lol:


Dec 7, 2011
@OP, HD 7950 is a new generation card run's alot cooler, better performance, quieter, consume less power, no noise at load. On the other hand GTX 480 is also a good card but the drawback's of this card is need's alot power, produce heat, older technology, even get very noisy at load.

Yes right now GTX 670 is the best bang for buck, performs the same as HD 7970 while costing less, a lot a lot better than GTX 480.

480's and 470's overclock like crazy

On another forum someone had the 470 at 900MHZ core and 850 on a decent 480 is very possible with some reasonable effort cooling the card, They have all kinds of headroom if you can cool them without overpowering your speakers or already have a gpu loop for liquid cooling

It wasn't the reason I was laughing for, okay they overclock well but what about power consumption and heat? The card at stock speeds reaches 85C-90C, if you set fan profiles in Afterburner when the fans exceed 70% it's very audible and noisy.
From 732 to 800 Mhz? Is that what you call overclocking like crazy?
HD 7950 can maintain core clock @ 1200 MHz with custom PCBs, even though, I didn't recommend HD 7950.

GTX 670 performs better for the same price.


Sep 9, 2006
Ocing graphics cards, has very little performance gains all at the cost of extra heat and noise. Except maybe a 7950 or 7970, since the oc is 300 mhz.

Believe me when I say this overclock gtx 460 to 850 vs 675 makes a huge difference and getting a 470 to 900 mhz (next to impossible with most cards) is worth it.

As for overclocking ATI not so much I had a 5770 at 1000mhz and it was really no better than it was at 850

But with gains of 300mhz on cards like the 7950 it becomes more acceptable.

As for your input ilysaml

I said an 480 at 850 and above is overclocking like crazy, not 800 the only thing holding the card back is the heat.

For 200 bucks for a 480 it is a much better deal (not that I would buy one) but for 15-25% less perform at half the price it is pretty decent deal and is Amazing for 1 monitor gaming


850 and above? You'll have to get an Aftermarket cooler which will add $70.
I wouldn't sacrifice heat and powerconsumption in the sake of 5 -7 FPS more.

Windforce or SOC
Zotac amp and
they all can be found cheaply

any non blower type with good case cooling this can be done