7970 CrossFire + EyeFinity crash/freeze/lockup in Games


Dec 27, 2012
Hello my friends,

I am running dual GIGABYTE 7970 GHz Edition cards in CrossFire with 3 Asus 23" IPS monitors EyeFinity swiveled in portrait mode. I cannot game for more than 10-15 minutes without crashing with looping crazy sounds coming out of the speakers. I am currently using Catalyst 12.11 beta with CAP 2. I have tried everything. Ran memtest for 9 hours with no problems. Tested each GPU one by one, both work solid. Also got rid of my overclock to see if that was causing the issue but the freeze/lockup still occurred. Using 1 DVI cable and two 10 foot Display Port to MiniDP cables. I am at a loss as of what to do. CPU temps on load reach 59C, and GPU temps when in CrossFire reach 74C. All temps are within safe limits.

My problem is exactly the same as these guys here:


I am starting to think that this is driver related. Can anyone confirm this or has anyone been through this issue before? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am desperate to solve this problem :(


have you noticed one of those video says problem solved with amd driver update? which beta version are you using? remember these are BETA for a reason, they're awesome but still in beta. most games don't official support eyefinity, it's that AMD has done a decent job of implementing it. Still, I would say try running gpu-z or similar logging software in background and after a crash open the log and look at the last entry for the temps and other entries at the time it crashed.
Hmm very odd well firstly the response time on the 23 inch screen is probably a little slower then a normal tn panel. Your system hanging though hmm, and you are running in crossfire so you definitely have the horses to do it. I watched some of your videos and it looks like the 2 games I saw run pretty smooth but your system hanging that is no bueno.