Question 7970m and windows 10 driver installation problems


May 1, 2012
hey all,
tl;dr - installing 7970m drivers causes system to freeze up mid process, can't install them from any safe/normal) mode
i know this subject's been discussed many many times across the internet but i can't seem to solve it even after sitting for about 4 hours straight just today.

i own an NP9150 with intel 4000 and 7970m. obviously ever since a certain windows 10 update the laptop doesn't work properly, and until i uninstalled the 7970m's driver it actually wouldn't even boot up outside of safe mode.
now i can't install the drivers again. depending on how i install them (DDU, amd's driver sweeping, safe mode, normal mode, etc) i get different errors, where the most common thing is simply the PC locking up, freezing, and requiring a hard reboot from the physical button.

i have managed to boot up the PC normally and even play games with the 7970m on win10 with no problems a few months ago, which makes me even more stubborn to make this work.
here's what i tried so far (didn't work obviously):
unless i state otherwise, the driver package is 20.9.1.
windows version: 18362

DDU and reinstalling from normal mode and safe
AMD driver cleaning tool and reinstalling from normal and safe
installing catalyst driver 15.6 fails (the only "old" package i found), after both driver uninstalling tools, in safe and normal mode (says some processes "have failed" and than the installer stops responding)
disabling and / or uninstalling "microsoft basic display adapter" and trying to reinstall the amd drivers, it install itself back after a few restarts

i tried setting the enableULPS to 0, but i can't find that setting in the registry since i can't progress enough in the installation of AMD's drivers.

thanks folks