Feb 27, 2023
I have MSI GF63 Thin RTX 3050.

Its RAM can be upgraded to 64GB max.

One of the ram slots is occupied by 8GB RAM and the other slot is empty. I am planning to upgrade my RAM but i am confused whether i should add another 8GB ram or 16GB RAM.

What should i do?

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You were wise to buy with minimum ram.
It is usually much cheaper to upgrade with your own ram. Ram(and drive upgrades) are usually much more expensive directly from msi.

On some laptops, the first set of ram is soldered in.
Because 64gb is possible, I am certain that your first 8gb is removeable.
Run cpu-Z and look at the memory tabs to see exactly what you have installed.

Go to Crucial and access their ram upgrade app to see what is possible.
While it is recommended that ram all be from the same kit, adding one of the crucial ram sticks will be supported by crucial. Intel is not that fussy about ram compared to ryzen.
If you just add 8gb, you will have 16gb running dual channel.
Unless you are multitasking, 16gb is about right.
If you add a 16gb module, you will have 24gb. 16gb will still be running in dual channel mode while the odd 8gb will run in single channel mode.
That is called flex mode.
If you need the ram capacity, that is not a bad option.