[SOLVED] 8 pin EPS - 4 + 4 pin EPS - 2x 4 pin ATX

Feb 17, 2021
So, please correct me if I'm wrong, 8 pin EPS is used to deliver >230W and the 4 - pin EPS is for approximately half of this.
I know that the 4-pin atx cable is the older power cable, but is a 4-pin EPS = 4-pin ATX?

I need an extension cable because those from my PSU don't reach the CPU power socket (12 pins required, z490) and was wondering if I could buy an 8-pin EPS cable with a 4-pin ATX cable. I feel like I can't but I would like to know exactly why haha :)

Bonus question: When selecting my 8-pin EPS this was the product image:

View: https://imgur.com/gallery/AYae281

It appears to be a 24 pin cable? Can I then just use 8 + 4 of these, it's a little strange that on the package it says 6/ 8/ 24 pin cable.

Thanks in advance!