Question 8+ TB external hard drives?


Jan 31, 2015
OK. So I'm the type of guy who likes to have tons of storage space. Right now I have a 2 TB main hard drive (with plenty left over), a 4 TB internal hard drive that is 3/4s empty, another internal 1TB HD that I am housing in an adapter so I am using it effectively as an external HD, and yet another 1 TB external hard drive.

Now I still got tons of space and I am not worried about it for now. But I do plan on replacing the 1TB external with an 8TB once I feel I am ready to upgrade. But I got some questions about external hard drives in general.

When I go on bestbuy to window shop, I see multiple kinds. I see expansion drives, backup drives, and apparently 'regular' drives. I sorta figure that backup drives aren't exactly made to use on the regular but just to back-up stuff? What would the difference between an expansion drive and a regular.

I also have one other question. My current 1TB hard drive has a recognition issue. I am not worried about it dying because it has been stable for a long time. But usually when I boot up my computer, it doesn't show up on my list of accessible drives, and I need to either power-cycle it or just remove the USB and reconnect, and it shows up again just fine. Though it sometimes derecognizes for a second and then comes back, popping up the window which can disrupt my work or gaming momentarily. Is this a symptom of something? How can I prevent it.

Just to let you know, this also happens with my internal/external drive. I just power-cycle it to fix the issue and it has been with me for more than a year with nothing wrong happening. Is there some way to prevent this? A driver issue perhaps?
Feb 20, 2019
The recognition issue could be caused by the Data or SATA cable being loose and slightly coming out from the Hard drive and when looking at drives the names shouldn't matter too much, the only thing that does matter is size and RPM, the best RPM I know of is 7200 RPM which I would recommend you getting because it is the fastest and probably most reliable.