Question 80% ram usage idle


Oct 28, 2017
Two days ago I started having performance issues on my laptop. Eventually my laptop crashed. Now I noticed that I have 80% ram usage in idle mode. 90% working in Word. What could be the issue?


Are you having a functional or performance issue?
If not, don't worry.
You might check task manager/resource monitor/memory/ hard fault page rate.
Any number more than zero indicates insufficient ram and use of the page file to compensate.
If you are using a HDD that is awful. A ssd is some 40x faster.

Ram utilization is a bit of a misnomer.
Windows will not flush ram of unused code.
It keeps code around in anticipation of possible quick reuse.

That said, 4gb is just too small.
Go to crucial or kingston and access their ram upgrade app.
Enter your laptop and you will get a list of supported upgrades.
Look for 16gb.

A second issue is the use of Chrome. It reserves LOTS of ram.
Your list shows chrome(12)
It may be that even though you have only one instance open, there are 11 others lying around.
Unless there is a feature of Chrome that you need, look at Firefox as a replacement.
It probably is. But never had this issue before. With everything closed, nothing running it is still 80%+
Take a picture of the following pages in Task Manager:
  • Performance Tab -> Memory page
  • In the Details tab, right click on the header and enable "Working Set", then sort by that in descending order
I'm not sure what these would be in your language however.
Sorry. Here it is. 'arbejdssæt'
If I did my math right, the total of what's visible comes out to be 1.5GB. Though subtracting everything not under your username comes out to 1GB. But even if Windows idles at around say 1.5 GB on a fresh boot, you're hitting close to your 3.5GB usable limit. However, what's bugging me is not so much this, but that you reported crashes. If the entire PC is going down, then something else is wrong. Running out of physical RAM really shouldn't cause the system to curl up and die.

If getting more RAM isn't a question here, you can probably find things that you don't really need to have running and remove them. For instance, as long as you practice good internet browsing habits, you don't need a third party anti-virus software. Windows Defender does a good enough job.