$800-$900 Video Editing PC using Adobe CS3


Jul 15, 2009
I need a new computer. I wanted to build one for around $800, but as I do hours of research and forum reading, I find myself just getting more and more confused and wanting to just give in and buy a pre-built PC.
I would like to build my own, or use one of those bare-bones kits, but im having trouble figuring out which parts would be the best for my needs.

I do a lot of video editing. Usually using the Adobe Creative Suite photoshop, dreamweaver, premier, encore, flash and after effects.

I know that with this kind of budget, it would be hard to get a super excellent machine, but its all I have and I need a computer to keep up with freelance editing work.

At the time I dont have any HD projects, but in the future will definitely need to edit HD video.

I have a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Would definitely like a quiet machine, but one that cools components down. I dont know too much about computers, so overclocking may be a bad decision if it requires a lot of knowledge and attention. Also not sure about RAID.

I kind of narrowed down a CPU. how does the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 sound?

any and all help would be much appreciated.



I think with the right parts, you won't have to rely on noisy cooling setups, especially if you'll work in an air-conditioned room. I suggest you get a Core 2 Duo, and shunt more of your budget to maximizing your RAM, GPU, and your hard disks. RAID within your budget is out of the question. Here's a basic framework you can work on:

Mid-range Core 2 Duo
Compatible motherboard
Compatible RAM (2 x 2GB, check your mobo's QVL)
At least 2 1TB hard disks, I recommend Western Digital Caviar Black


Nov 7, 2008
If you're just using CS3, do NOT maximize your GPU. If shaving the GPU a little means you can get a Core 2 Quad, do that instead. You need CPU, Disk Speed, and RAM, in that order. CS3 doesn't use the GPU for much, and CS4 does just a little.