Dec 24, 2011
My laptop has 667Mhz(pc2-5300) so dimm DDR2 ram(1x 1g & 1x 2g)...if I upgrade it to 800mhz (pc2-6400, 2x 2g dual channel) in case that does not support this speed will I have any difficulties having the laptop running (even clocked at 667)??? Please answer because in the manual it is not stated clearly (laptop: lenovo G530 3000) Thanks.
If you put 800Mhz and your motherboard suport just 667 , then automatically the 800 will be set to lower frequency what your motherboard supprt without overclock.
Exemple : if your motherboard support without overclock , standard 667 , you can put in your laptop even memory at 1066Mhz , because they will run by default at 667.