Dec 6, 2012
Please help with my new gaming build.

Approximate Purchase Date:

Budget Range: 800 USD

System Usage: Gaming

Buying a Monitor: NO

Parts not Needed: Speakers, Monitor, OS, Have a spare PSU but i'm not sure if it is good enough (Ultra XFinity2G model ULT-XF600G), if not, I guess I'll need one after all

OS Needed: NO

Location: Delaware USA

Preferences: Intel I5 3570K.

OC: I would like to OC to the point that it does not affect longevity. I will likely increase the OC as more performance becomes necessary.

SLI/Crossfire: I would appreciate the potential to use this feature in the future, but I have no plans to immediately.
b]Comments[/b]: I have read mixed reviews on Lucidlogix VirtuMVP. It sounds good in theory. I suppose I would like a MOBO which supports the feature unless the consensus is that it is a gimmick, but NOT at the expense of the rest of the build. In a perfect world where all cases cooled equally well, mine would be a beige box. Though aesthetics rank lowest on my list of priorities, I prefer understated looks and most prefer the old beige box look. I do not, however, want aesthetics to compromise the quality of this build in any way.

Thanks for all your help, and to any who address the question of VirtuMVP's cost effectiveness. If I failed to supply any necessary information, please let me know. I know you read through a million of these a day, and I appreciate you taking the time to help!


Dec 6, 2012
I made this PC build for around 825$

If you need to get your budget under 800, then you can
Get a worse motherboard, one that will still do the job but at a lower cost.


And you can lower your ram cost by either getting 4gb (8gb recommended ) or getting a least expensive ram


And If you are planing to do SLI in the future you might want to get a power supply with 600 watts preferably bronze star.


If you got the following parts mentioned your build would look something like this

Just under your budget -784$

Good Luck!