[SOLVED] 80c+ temps on my RX 570 4gb

Oct 26, 2020
So, my Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 570 4gb gpu is hitting around 80c+ while playing The Witcher 3, i even capped my framerates @60 fps (tho I cap my fps @ 60 because my monitor is only 60hz), I also set my graphics settings to medium-high, turned off AA and ambient occlusion.

I don't have this problem with any other gpu demanding games, for example, in GTA V my gpu temps only reaches 63c -70c max (with settings cranked up to high-very high), and my RX 570 is stock, no OC .
Is this normal for RX 570 gpus? if not, what solution should I do?
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Radeon GPU's are known for being furnace's.Even my R9 380 4gb operates at around 80-85C when im in the garage customizing cars in nfs heat,even when i cap the fps to 60fps,when i am driving its cools to 70C.And thats on 50% fan curve and slight overclock.As long as it is not reaching 90C,you are all good.

Edit:Also witcher is much more demanding that GTA,so its gonna be hotter.Wont hurt if you cleaned it from dust a bit if its dirty