Question 850 watts Too Low for i5-13600K build???

My PC Hates Me

Jun 29, 2014
Is an 850 Watt power supply too low for an i5-13600K build?

It would be in a z690 MB with 32 GB RAM, four fans (I would disconnect the RGB, if that matters at all), 2 Spinning Hard drives, a Sata SSD, and eventually an m.2 drive (or whatever they are called).

For graphics card, right now I am rocking a 2060 Super (an OEM card pulled from an Alienware / Dell prebuilt). I would like to upgrade the card at some point to something like a 3080 OR a 4060 whenever it comes out.

I don't really game.

Mostly photoshop and lightroom (which don't really utilize the graphics card).

I do use DaVinci Resolve, which loves a good graphics card, but I don't do many FX, and Resolve is designed to use the IGP on the 13th-gen intel chips for encoding and decoding h.264 / h.265 video.

The power supply I have on order is on the B tier (?). It is an MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply (850 Watt Gold)

I guess my question is, if power supplies are meant to last 7 to 10 years, should I spend an extra $100 to "futureproof" the power supply? (Even though everyone says not to futureproof.)

Thanks in advance.


Jul 27, 2016
I like

Corsair RMX/HXI

Always use the tier list if you need more ideas.

I like to buy once and cry once. Like for example a RMX 850 is around 135 (as of last week at best buy/Microcenter). You could save and go cheaper, but what if in 3 years you rebuild your box and want a more power hungry system, if you go with a 650 watt, then you might need to upgrade your power supply. You could find an rmx 650 watt, but that is going to be 110. For 15-40 bucks why not go with an 850 watt?

If you buy a good quality power supply, I think it should last you though multiple builds. Most carry a 10 year warranty.

Power supply, cases, good case fans, can you last multiple, multiple builds.

In my experience if you don't over load your power supply they last for years and years and years.

Actually the only power supply I think I had that flat out was giving me issues was the dell prebuilts 350 watt, I upgraded the GPU, anytime I gamed it would reboot.

Also if you go with a higher wattage one the fan will not turn on much. it looks like on the 850 watt, the fan don't kick on at all until 340 watts.

105 C japense caps are my preference.

Look at this 850 refurb

To give you an idea I have a 7900x, 4070TI, 10 case fans etc. I pull like 460 watts at the wall when I'm gaming. (I'm on a 1000 watt HXI), I have room for "spikes" and if I want to upgrade to a 5080 card, my power supply will handle it.

Hope this helps

My PC Hates Me

Jun 29, 2014
Just to update everyone on what I ended up doing...

I have made two builds. One for the son with an i5-12600K and an (OEM, pulled from a Dell / Alienware) 3060 TI. The other build is for myself using an i5-13600K and still using my (OEM) 2060 Super.

For my Son's build I went with the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Gold ($120 at the time of purchase), and for my machine, I did go for the MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply, which was $122 at the time of purchase).

That should give me ample power to spare on those two systems for now. I don't know what the OEM 3060 TI and 2060 Super pull in terms of power, but I am assuming it is equal or less than the Nvidia reference models of those cards.

I know those graphics cards are "old" by today's standards, with the new Nvidia 40X0 series out. But I probably WON'T be upgrading graphics cards for a while, just due to cost reasons. And if I DO upgrade, it might be to something like the 4070 TI.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.