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Jul 19, 2014
4.4ghz @ 1.24vcore it never goes above 1.26v under load but I hit 80 - 83c sometimes, glass side panel is off. Ambient room temp is 27c or 82f which I know plays a part in it but it can't be avoided.

TT RGB 240mm Liquid AIO Pump is fine, installed correctly, working against gravity though.

Besides, doesn't the 8700k boost to 4.7ghz stock anyways?

I had this thing built, and I shouldn't have to but I'll start with reapplying thermal paste.

Thanks in advance.


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Voltages under loads go down, should not be going up. Your highest voltage will be at idle.

80-83°C sometimes? When is sometimes? Sitting idle, under Prime95 or aida64 or IBT loads?

You have an AIO, airflow isn't as important as with an aircooler, so having the side panel off isn't doing anything. If you look at the differences in temp when running identical scenarios, panel on / panel off, it be an indication of just how effective your airflow is.

Ambient temps have almost no affect on load temps as the cpu is putting out wattage well over the saturation point of the surrounding air. Ambient temps vrs idle temps are good for measuring airflow.

How are you measuring temps? Have you used alternatives such as coretemp or HWInfo (sensors only) to verify?

You had it built. Changing thermal paste might still be a possibility. If the pre-applied paste sat open too long and had started to dry out (usually can't be seen with the eye, needs to be poked for gummyness, which isn't recommended...) the installer wouldn't have had a clue. They should have tested for stability and temps under loads, and only released the pc to you if all checked out. I'm going to assume it did, and you are now tampering with bios settings.
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Liquid cooling doesn't necessarily have to 'work against gravity' because as a pump 'pushes' coolant up, it is also 'pulling' coolant down via displacement in the flow process.

You are overclocking an 8700k that has a base clock at 3.7ghz and is clocked to 4.4ghz at 1.24v, but sometimes goes up to 1.26v? Is the vCore locked, or is this just a 'overclock 20%' slider setting? Yes, the CPU does boost by default to 4.7ghz out of the box, so it sounds like 1) you're possibly over-volting or AUTO voltage is too high, 2) case airflow could be less-than-effective, or 3) you have a cooler airlock, but I don't think it's #3.

Here are the steps I would try, in order:

1) revert to factory settings, then benchmark. Are things abnormal or hot? If so, start addressing airflow and cooler mounting here.

2) Once #1 is done and everything established as OK, apply overclocking settings, remove case panel. Get a house fan, set to highest setting and blow air directly into the side of the open case. Benchmark. Do temps stay the same, or do they drop more than 5C? If they stay the same, evaluate your OC settings and thoroughly retest. If they change, you have a case airflow issue - address with better airflow.
Jul 4, 2019
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I'm having a rather interesting problem (maybe not?) with my 8700k. I'm getting hotter thermals on average, both at load and idle, at a 4.8 GHz OC than I am at a 5.0 GHz OC. Maybe over volted w/ 4.8 settings??? And it's not just a couple degrees. At 5.0 I'm running on average 9°C cooler while gaming (58°C avg) than at 4.8. Idk I'm confused
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