Question 8700K High Temps During Stress Test Advice

Apr 5, 2020
I know this is a question that has no doubt been asked many times but if someone could put my mind at rest I would be grateful. (BTW this is not a PC I've built, someone was selling it locally and I got a good deal on it. Previously had not been overclocked.)

So I've just been putting a mild overclock on the CPU and found a stable setting running @ 4.7ghz with 1.280v. Ran OCCT stress test for 4 hours with no errors but temps peaked at 93 degrees (Celsius) and most of the time sat between 70-85. Idle temps peak at 50 but most of the time sit at 30.

CPU fan is running at 500-700rpm during idle and hit just under 2000rpm during stress test. All fans set to auto configure is bios.

I know that this cooler (see below) is a limiting factor and 4.7ghz is the top end of what is safe to run. Also I know this case is thought to not have the best air flow by some. I have two intake fans and one exhaust installed.

Ambient temps are quite cool at the moment (live in the UK) but will increase when summer arrives.

So question is are these temps acceptable or should I reduce the core speed by 100mhz and dial back the voltage a bit?

Thanks for any help or advice!


Phanteks EVOLV MATX Case
i7 8700K
Noctua NH-U9S cooler
Asus 7370-G mobo
32GB 3000mhz ram
GTX 1660 ti
Apr 5, 2020
Follow up to my own query...

I have now put core speed to 4.6ghz and gradually lowered the voltage to 1.16. Running much cooler with max temps hitting 81 under stress.

Think that's a good point for me.

Relative novice here with OCing. Guess I have learned more by trouble shooting this myself and gradually finding stable speed and temps.
How high you can oc a chip is determined by 3 things.
  1. The quality of your chip.
  2. The capability of your cooler.
  3. The voltage you will tolerate.
as of 3/22/2018
What % of I7-8700k chips can oc
at a aggressive vcore near 1.4 or so and delidded
4.9 99%
5.0 88%
5.1 54%
5.2 22%

Note the delidded caveat. delidding allows your chip to be cooled better.

I think you are just fine.
If you want to do more, I might target 1.35vcore and 85c under a stress test.

There are stronger air coolers available for your case.

Then, really how much higher do you really need to be ??
Apr 5, 2020
Hey thanks for your reply.

Yeah the cooler is not the best but it's fine for my needs. I don't need it any faster I was just wanting to see what I could get with what I have.

Have learned a lot about OCing in a short space of time! Certainly not trying to hit numbers just for the sake of it, just wanting to future proof as much as possible.

Funnily enough the build I had before this was using the same case as you. Stripped and sold everything now but seems that case was more efficient than this one I have now!



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