8700K with Asus Maximus X Hero stability

May 24, 2018
I'm new to all of this so I apologize ahead of time. 8700K, Maximus X Hero, H100 V2, 16GB Vengeance DDR4 @ 3200MHZ XMP, and EVGA 750 G3 power supply.

I followed Der8auers set up video but I'm only looking to boost to 4.8GHZ so I did all the same setting but lowered it to 48 and core voltage to 1.30. LLC is still 6.

My issue is it runs at 4.8 until I start a game and the core speed drops to 4.5 and bounces from 4.5 to 4.8GHZ. I tried 1.35 VCORE and still does it. I tried different LLC setting and still the same.

Is this normal? As I'm typing this it's reading 4.5 and it bothers me but if it's "normal" then I will run with it. I tried the 5.0GHZ and 1.35 VCORE but I crashed right away on Cinebench so I didn't get a great chip I suppose.


The cpu will only go as high as is needed. Fluctuation is normal. I made this video a while back with my old i5 6600k. It is a very short video. Observe:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV1gFUrDWlA

Though this is an older cpu, the principles are the same.
Are you using an AVX offset? Seems to be a "bug" of sorts from my research. Even though it should only drop multiplier under AVX loads, it seems that any load over 2 cores or so cause it to drop. I set offset to 0 myself using wireless AC version of same motherboard and CPU. I was seeing same multiplier drop as well before this.