8800 blue lines on boot please help

ruined 8800 man

Oct 7, 2009
my Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb graphics card is on the frizz, I was playing some games online when it rebooted then the screen had blue lines down the bios boot screen and it booted into windows normally and seemed fine.

Upon rebooting the next time the blue lines were back and then windows (Vista 64)wouldnt reboot at all.

My motherboard is a known bad but I borrowed a nasty old card off my brother and inserted it. The screen seemed fine but Bios had a checksum error. After speaking to my brother he recommended a new motherboard which I replaced knowing it was rubbish and upon inserting the 8800 the blue lines returned.

removed this card replacing it with my brothers nasty card and the problems went away!

apart from the terrible performance and the same warning my old motherboard had given me Bios checksum error!

any ideas?

I really want this card to work.

It's the one with the massive plastic heat pipe on it so I have limited access to the PCB and I wanted to try formatting the bios firmware on the card is this going to help?

anyone know the best way of doing this?

please help playing anything on my big monitor at res 800 X 600 is killing me


Nov 4, 2009

I have had the exact same problem with my 8800 gts 320mb the past few days. Graphics in games started getting messed up, lines on screen, etc. then eventually stopped displaying anything.
I've done lots of research and questioning and I'm pretty sure it's the graphics card. I've tested different monitors, and it's not the monitor; the computer sounds like it starts up normally and I think it's going into Windows, just not displaying anything on the screen.
I went to the local comp store and they plugged the card into their computer; same problem (although they were getting blue lines while I was getting nothing at all), so it's definitely the card. My motherboard seems fine.
Good to know somebody else has a similar problem. Sorry I can't help you more than to say it's probably the video card that overheated. I'm contacting xfx right now to see if they will still cover the card under their warranty.