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8800 GT failing to pass Power-On Self-Test process


Jan 6, 2008
I recently swapped out my old motherboard and replaced it with a brand new Biostar P4M900-M4 motherboard in order to have a PCI-express x16 slot so that I could upgrade to a BFG 8800 GT 512mb OC video card. I got everything on my computer working fine except the video card. When I turn on my computer while there is no video card inside it, Windows XP runs fine and I can play games and everything using the onboard video. However, when I install the 8800 GT video card into the motherboard and try to turn it on, the computer fails the POST process and the system doesnt boot up. Without a video card I get a single beep and I get to windows fine. With the video card installed I cannot make it through the POSTing.

I talked to BFG Tech who made the video card and they said it is either a bad PCI-express slot or a bad video card. In order to test my PCI-express slot out to see if it worked, I took another older PCI-express card from my Dad's tell computer and stuck it into mine. The computer succeeded POSTing and I was able to go to windows. Inside windows it was able to detect the new video card installed and inquire about drivers for it. So from that I concluded that my PCI-express slot is working fine.

I thought then it must be a faulty video card so I went to BestBuy and exchanged it for another one of the same type, BFG 8800 GT 512mb OC. I am getting the same problem again. The computer is failing to post while the new video card is sitting inside. I have made sure that every plug is in the right spot when the card is installed. I tried many things to try and get it to work and I came up with two possiblities:

I either need to reformat my harddrive to get rid of any remnants of the old hardware.

Or, the P4M900-M4 motherboard is not compatible with a very recent card like 8800 GT.

After considering these two possibilities I went ahead and reformated my comp and reinstalled windows and all that good stuff just to get rid of another one of the possible problem variables. I downloaded every single update for my Biostar P4M900-M4, I updated the bios. I went to Nvidia's site and set my bios settings to what they recommended to get the card running.

My power supply is a HEC Orion 585 Watt. Brand new just bought it and it came with a 6 pin connector for new video cards that require a direct power supply so Im very certain my power supply isnt the problem. It has an ATX connection going straight into the motherboard as well. Every socket has the right plug in it.

I have tried literally every thing possible to get this card to work and I now believe my motherboard must just not be able to handle the latest PCI-express cards that require the 6 pin supplementary power connection. I would be shocked if that were true though because these motherboards are still being sold new through stores and I only read good reviews about it working.

The other possibility is that I got TWO defective BFG 8800 GT 512 OC cards in a row from the same best buy store. I am planning on testing my card out on a friends computer and possibly at Best Buy tommorow to see if its my motherboard or the card.

If anyone can help me at all with 8800 GT and Biostar P4M900-M4 compatibility or any kind info I might have missed. I just bought powersupply/mobo/ddr2 ram/video card brand new so Id really like to find out the ultimate problem before I replace my Motherboard AND processor.



Jan 15, 2007
i would suspect the problem is with your mother board. the one you have has a VIA chipset. there are more than a few articals talking about VIA's chispset not working with the 8800gt. try googling "p4m900-m4 8800gt" or "via vt8237a 8800gt" and you'll see for youself.

one thing everybody should know is that in a nutshell, ALL VIA chipset's suck. they are for bargin-basement cheap motherboards. your best bet would be to get a new mobo with either an intel or nvidia chipset.

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