8800 GT upgrade to GTX 275


Oct 7, 2009
After looking at the charts on this site I upgraded my 8800 GT to the GTX 275 Thinking I would be a big boost in frame rates/performance. Didn't happen. I also checked my CPU/Ram usage during benchmark (performance monitor) and they were NOT maxed out. Where is the problem or bottleneck? Are these numbers typical? Thanks for any reply's

3DMark went from 11626 to 12612
Section 8 went from 55 to 56 FPS (Built in Benchmark)
Dawn of War II went from 32 to 36 FPS (Built in Benchmark)
World in Conflict went from 26 to 33 FPS (Built in Benchmark)

Latest Drivers from Nvidia
Windows 7 RTM 64 bit
Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4
Asus P5N-E Mobo
4 GB Ram


Oct 7, 2009
First of, rescawen : I think your answer is innacurate and innapropriate. Start your thread "Why is ATI better then NVIDIA"

Second :

I whent from a GTS9600 to a BFG 275 GTX and saw a huge improvement in my games. Make sure you check your BIOS settings and set everything right. Make sure you use the drivers that came out October 5th, from the Nvidia website and that you desabled your onboard video card.

Also, I know that some cards will "slow down" if they don't have enough power. The GTX 275 uses 2 PCIE power connector, 2x 6 pins if I am not mistaken. Check your Power supply, your power cords connections and all and make sure your power supply meets the minimum requirement for your card. I think you need a 575W power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 42A or more

Let me know how it goes.